You can stick your job. I QUIT! People work for People.

SoulTek's Lisa Blake talks bosses - Remember, people work for people, not companies. Brand power only lasts so long.

You can stick your job! I quit.

The most basic fact that people in management, HR roles and business owners forget is that people work for people, not companies. Yes, brand can attract employees initially and retain them for a while, but after about 8 weeks in a role, employee loyalty switches. The simplest truth is that employee loyalty is based on team dynamics, respect for their manager and empowerment.

I worked for the same manager for over a decade at 3 different companies, large global firms and a small boutique. On the whole, the companies were good employers. My loyalty wasn’t to the companies though, but to my manager. She helped me learn, she challenged me, she rewarded me, she listened and she recognised my input. She made me want to work for HER.

So, if you’re a man manager or business owner and if your staff turnover is high, you should start by examining yourself and how you interact with your team. Many managers have never been taught the art of developing or managing people, they have simply been the best sales person or the longest serving team member and in a lot of instances, been promoted into man management roles without the right personal characteristics or suitable training to support them.

Work hard, play hard. Talented employees will likely have a high productivity level, but they will also become drained, tired and disengaged unless they are recognised for their efforts, rewarded appropriately and supported internally. It is easy to take an employee’s drive for granted, so never underestimate what a “well done, good job and thanks” can do for someone’s engagement level.

Managers who fail to care about their team will always have high turnover levels. Developing your team is fundamental and often manager’s own egos get in the way, their own fear about a team member being better than them stops them from encouraging and challenging that individual to grow. This is unforgivable in the world of management.

Listen to your employees, really hear what they have to say, use their ideas and sing their praises for a job well done. It’s the first thing every child is taught – Treat others as you would like them to treat you. It is easy – just do it, both in your work life and personal life. I’ll say it again, People work for People, not companies.