Welcome to SoulTek, A better way of working

Welcome to SoulTek!! Kate McClorey and Lisa Blake set up an exciting new talent and technology business. The founders state "there is a better way of working and we intend to disrupt recruitment to make it simpler and more effective for all concerned."


The SoulTek founding team is made up of the most highly respected and established specialist recruiters in Scotland - Kate McClorey and Lisa Blake.  In total they have over 30 years’ experience and bring a huge amount of knowledge of the technology talent market, not only in Scotland, but also across the UK and Europe. After working for regular recruitment companies and creating massive success wherever they go, they have decided to take the plunge and set up a “recruitment agency with a difference” aiming to change the way people perceive and interact with agencies by offering an honest, up front, transparent service where the client and candidate are truly valued and respected.

They are real specialists focusing on three key areas - onsite talent acquisition and HR support helping start ups and scaling organisations, contract and freelance resource provision and innovative permanent recruitment solutions combined with unique pricing models.

Their ideas are different and their understanding of technology and business combined means they can advise clients and candidates alike honestly and effectively.  They firmly believe from their own experience and from extensive research with clients and candidates that there is a much better way of working - connecting people in the right way, for the right reasons and with real passion and commitment to customer centric services. 

CEO Kate McClorey says " traditional recruitment companies were becoming more out of touch with what this job should be about - helping people.  Top talent doesn't want to be a number - people want to be valued and respected as individuals. We know from our client research that our customers want to collaborate and partner with specialists who can actually add value and help solve their problems in a constructive and simple cost effective way.  We have listened to our customers and will work with them from start to finish to ensure their goals are met and expectations are exceeded each and every time.  We are really excited to be setting up our own business and are delighted with the feedback we have already received.  Our intention is to work across the digital eco-system focusing on Digital, Technology and Leadership talent and do the small things brilliantly - being the organisation that clients prefer to work with and candidates choose every single time". 

If you want to work with the SoulTek team to help you find the best possible people, please get in touch.  No two projects are the same and every client, big or small, is treated with the same respect, service and transparency. If you are looking to take your career to the next level and would like to explore your options to help you find your next position, SoulTek can offer a truly tailored approach and would be more than happy to talk more about where you want your career to go.

SoulTek are going to revolutionise recruitment! Turn your dream job into reality and work with the best to achieve it.