Diary of a Start Up - Spend it to Make it!

Although it is intimidating to hire someone new and can be scary regarding the impact on the bottom line – the positives outweigh the negatives! Of course, there are worries and concerns to consider when deciding to hire. When you set up your own company – it’s your baby – but you are only responsible for yourself. You live and breathe the company because you have to – someone joining changes the dynamic of an entrepreneurial start up. You become an employer and a boss! You are responsible for someone else’s livelihood and to be honest that can be daunting!

All this time, Team SoulTek has been completely focused on our core objective – establishing a world leading digital recruitment company who are constantly challenging the norm and are recognized as a game changer in our industry.  We firmly believe that the new solutions we have been offering clients, our unique offerings for start-up and scale up organisations, our candidate centric approach, specialist focus and innovation to engage the millennial generation all contribute to this.  Our values and way or working are critical to our success, so a new hire needs to have the same drive, belief and determination to succeed.  They haven’t been there from the start and haven’t experienced the mega highs and lows that go into making the dream of the company a reality. They also have to accept the volatility of a new start up and will probably have to work a hell of a lot harder than at a more established organisation - but the rewards are brilliant and they certainly see the fruits of their labour and are appreciated every single day!

It has been really hard to find the right person.  As recruiters - you would think that finding a person for ourselves would be easy - yet it has been the most difficult position for us to fill all year! We tried many routes to market – some a lot more frustrating than others – the process only reinforced to us how much the traditional recruitment industry needs a major overhaul!

Even though there are always the concerns over cashflow and all the excuses not to hire - you absolutely have to scale to grow.  Be brave and take the leap – having another person has already opened up so much more opportunity for us as we develop a new specialism in the AI and machine learning space.  The potential for a new person to grow the team and more importantly add new ideas and contribute to the team is wonderful.

Our new university summer intern has proved this point - having a new set of eyes look over the familiar and identify solutions to problems we can't even see can lead to new and innovative ideas that we would never have thought of.

So, in conclusion, although it is scary and intimating to hire someone new you have to remember that the essence of business is to take risks, it was a risk to start SoulTek but since we started we haven’t looked back. So as with all risks there is a chance that it will fail, but on the other hand there is a chance that it will turn out better than you could’ve hoped. No pressure on Monday Iggy!