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Welcome to SoulTek, A better way of working

Welcome to SoulTek!!

Diary of a Start Up - Spend it to Make it!

Although it is intimidating to hire someone new and can be scary regarding the impact on the bottom line

Diary of a Start Up - A Year Already?

First Year - Done and Gone - Are we a start up anymore?

Diary of a Start Up - it's not just about us!

Building Great Teams means finding Great People

Thank you, Merci, Danke, Gracias, Obrigado!

Simple pleasures for Team SoulTek

Diary of a Start Up - Reset the plan - but what about the people?

Building Great Teams means finding Great People

We're Hiring!

We're Hiring - Get involved!

Life of a Chicklet! #GoDo Entrepreneurial Spark

#GoDo - Entrepreneurial Spark

SoulTek and the Digital Marketplace

SoulTek - Supporting the delivery of the UK Government’s Digital Strategy!

Diary of a Start Up - The Silver Fox!

5 months gone - how time flies - and what a difference a great accountant makes.

You can stick your job. I QUIT! People work for People.

SoulTek's Lisa Blake talks bosses

Discrimination or equality - you decide.....

Edinburgh's Fintech Summit 2016 - Talent gaps and relocation.

SoulTek's Christmas Elves say thank you

Big Data and Data Science - The basics explained

A dummies guide to Fintech and all the crazy gobbledygook

Diary of a Start Up - Decor, Fridges and Chaka Khan

Making it all worthwhile!

What do future digital leaders need to bring to the table?

Digitally disrupted or the digitally disruptive - which one are you?

Welcome to our New Tech Heroes!!

Our Tech Heroes assemble for exciting website launch!