Sometimes you need an invisible support service

Start up and scaling businesses have specific challenges. We know the challenges a start up faces as we have been here too. We understand how starting to scale can be the scariest thing ever and how critical it is to your success.

Hiring right is vital - but hiring costs money you can't risk losing, time you don't have and expertise that isn't your day job. You need help - Invisible Elephant Man is your hero - supporting you on or off site; one day or five days a week and allowing you to utilise SoulTek's unique pricing innovations. This is your secret weapon - focused entirely on strategies for your success and your growth - for the long term.

We can provide an innovative, market leading solution to start up and scaling businesses.  If you meet the criteria, we can provide a cost conscious solution that understands cash flow challenges, investor demands, business fluctuations and the time constraints you face.

We will support you until you are ready to either transition services in house completely or adopt another innovative model from our tech sister company MatchLab. When Invisible Elephant Man leaves you - you will be on an even more exciting journey and fully equipped with the right people to help you achieve greater success.