Building out teams and helping you scale rapidly

Start up and scaling businesses have specific challenges. We know the challenges a start up faces as we have been here too. We understand how starting to scale can be a daunting process and the costs associated with traditional recruitment agencies can have a massive effect on cash flow.

Hiring right is vital - but hiring costs money you can't risk losing and takes up time you don't have to spare. That's where SoulTek comes in, we specialise in working with fast growing technology teams and founders to help them grow quickly and efficiently, we take the politics and stress out of dealing with multiple agencies and provide fast and cost effective results for you.

SoulTek provides an innovative, market leading solution to start up and scaling businesses. We can provide a cost conscious solution that understands cash flow challenges, investor demands, business fluctuations and the time constraints you face as a fast moving business. 

We will support you from start to finish, providing a truly 360 solution, we can consult on salaries, the best applicant tracking systems and how we can effectively structure the recruitment process to make it seamless from both your's and the candidates side.

We have a track record of delivering on these projects and would be happy to provide references to you for review.

If you would like to find out more about how we can scale your business then please get in touch.