Contracting makes up 91% of the UK Recruitment industry's £35.1bn turnover

35% of the total global population now work via a contract or freelance model and the numbers are growing! Flexible working arrangements are becoming the norm, multiple assignments for different employers or home working are all becoming more common - so why is the process of getting a contract or hiring a contractor SO old fashioned!!!

There just has to be a better way. Why give a recruitment agency a lot of money for being little more than a broker? The days of contractor care and career management are long gone - along with the margins that supported the model. The resulting poor quality, poor service and ever longer time to hire is now the norm. The frustration of all parties involved is clear to see every day on social media forums.

Companies spend millions failing to recruit technology contractors at pace and cannot tap into the talent pools that are needed now via traditional recruitment agencies. The model is flawed using broken and inefficient processes that aren't fit for a digitally aware demographic.

Our unique model allows you to flex your workforce as needed without the high costs usually associated with contract resources. Nimble, agile and super speedy - our amazing contract team can solve your talent problem in a flash - relax and concentrate on growing your company.