We are different.

We work on a partnership basis with you to provide simple and effective answers to complex talent problems with a human touch. Commodity recruitment - it's not our bag.

We work with our thriving community of SME, start up and scaling organisations to assist you on every step of your journey. Of course, if you are a big corporate organisation we won't ignore you - but expect to have a different experience whilst accessing our hidden talent pools! Uniquely creative solutions - removing fees per hire - mean you can get on with building your business whilst we find the best people.

The pace of change is disrupting the norms - SoulTek makes the difference to those working in the thriving tech scene. The way SoulTek works is changing the way special people connect with great companies.

The workplace is changing at lightning speed that employers cannot match. Recruitment models are old fashioned and no longer fit for purpose.  We believe there is a better way.  Our unique product offerings and subscription models removing commission and fees mean we are totally focused on finding you the right candidate - every time for half the price.

Everyone agrees that technology recruitment needs something more modern, more agile, more focussed and smart - bring on the Tech Heroes!

We work either as your talent partner onsite, understanding, working with you and embedding into your culture; or remotely hiring on your behalf. We even have an exciting tech product launching that will disrupt the traditional contract model for the better for all! 

Come and join the SoulTek community - book a call with us to find out how you can join our group of pioneers changing the face of the world of tech recruitment.