Who is SoulTek? Born and based in Edinburgh, SoulTek is a fast growing, specialist technology recruitment company - working with you on or offsite - providing top talent, delivered faster than competitors, with a personal and realistic approach to recruitment. We won't promise you the world if we can't deliver it but we will deliver you the best candidates in the market every time, that is the SoulTek promise. 

We believe that the old ways of working in recruitment - especially in technology - aren't effective and don't offer good value for money. We will always meet with you and your team face to face, so we can get a real understanding of not only the technical challenges but the culture and working environment you have worked so hard to build.

We have been in business now for over a year and our approach is working, we work with some of the fastest growing companies in the UK and would love to help you build your dream team. 




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